Year in Review – 2020

It’s hard to believe that it’s been twelve months since I created The DC Review Blog and decided to review the movies and television shows that I happened to watch. Originally, I wanted to try and recapture my love for writing along with my love for cinema in general – both of which have been achieved in the first fifty-two weeks of opening the website. In this article, I’ll discuss the aspirations I had for the blog when starting off, goals for the future, the popularity and global reach it has gathered, along with much more.

Initial Aims and Future Goals

One of the primary goals for my first year was to build a library of reviews that I’d be able to look back and reflect on in time. I tentatively hoped to review anywhere between eighty and one-hundred movies in my first year, along with a few television shows thrown in there too – something I’ve managed to achieve. Currently, the Glossary (A-Z) page boasts one-hundred and four movie reviews, along with five television show reviews. Something I’m hoping to expand on heading into the second year – albeit at a slightly slower rate! Another goal was to simply enjoy writing and become accustomed to reviewing movies. This is something I believe I’ve managed to do, to a fairly decent standard.

As for my second year of blogging, I’d definitely like to review more new releases, along with improve the quality of the content within the reviews I submit. More importantly, I’d like to proofread my posts more – something I tend to let slide at times. I’d also be interested in reviewing more more indie releases, as that is something I’ve done occasionally this year (Never Be Done: The Richard Lett Story (2020) and Corona (2020) being two examples) but often refused other requests that have come my way, due to inexperience or a sheer lack of time.

Popularity and Geographical Reach

In terms of popularity, this was never something I set out for. Views were never something that I aspired heavily to when originally kicking off the website, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how successful certain reviews have been in terms of the number of readers and their global reach. For sure, the majority of my views stem from the United States or United Kingdom, but the website has also managed to reach countries such as Canada, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Romania, China, Indonesia, India, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and many, many more!

In terms of the more ‘popular’ reviews on the website, there are certainly some that have faired better than others. Listed below are just a few of the most viewed pages over the last year of my blogging journey.

The Best and the Worst

What is the best film I’ve reviewed in 2020? That’s a tough question and not something I can give a definitive answer to, but there’s definitely been some movies that have surprised me. A Quiet Place (2018) was simply brilliant and far exceeded my expectations when heading into the flick and then there was, I See You (2019), which also surpassed my expectations by quite a margin. Some other notable flicks that stood out to me for a variety of reasons were; 1917 (2019), American Honey (2016), Hostiles (2017), The Night Clerk (2020), The Platform (2019), You Were Never Really Here (2017) and The Searchers (1956).

What is the worst film I’ve reviewed in 2020? That’s not as tough! The Wrong Missy (2020) instantly springs to mind as being the worst film I’ve seen over the last few months and that shocked me as David Spade is one of my favourite comedians to sit back to and watch. I also felt a little disappointed with The Invisible Man (2020), especially considering the pretty spectacular reviews it received upon its release last year.

Movie Review of the Month

Another thing I decided to do when starting the website was to highlight a “Movie Review of the Month” on the homepage of the website. Below is a look back at each of the winners, starting from January 2020 and spanning to December 2020.


Initially, I wasn’t sure whether I’d have the drive and determination to review movies and television shows long term, but I’ve been surprised by just how much enjoyment I’ve got from this, so I’m certainly hoping to continue down the same path for the foreseeable future, hopefully building on the library of reviews the site currently has. As touched upon earlier, the content may not be as frequent as it once was, but the quality of the content, along with more varied articles, will hopefully improve.

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